Biden administration announces a major increase in tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles and solar panels

Increase in tariffs on Chinese Electric Vehicles

Biden administration announces a major increase in tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles and solar panels to prevent cheap products from “flooding” the U.S. market. The new measures impact $18 billion in Chinese imported goods including steel, aluminum, semiconductors, batteries, critical minerals, solar cells and cranes.

President Joe Biden announced new tariffs on $18 billion worth of Chinese imports. They include electric vehicles, semiconductors, batteries, solar cells, steel and aluminum, medical supplies and ship-to-shore cranes. The administration told that the move was meant to protect key American sectors and added that China was using unfair trade practices. It will keep in place the tariffs that former President Donald Trump imposed on China during his presidency. On Up First, NPR’s Asma Khalid says it’s diplomatically tough for Biden to roll back those Trump-era tariffs even though some Democrats warned they could hurt the American economy.

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